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Westborough guys John Bogaert and Scott Henderson slept outdoors to raise awareness for & donations to

Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless


The 2021 event was a remarkable success. Thanks to the overwhelming, humbling, life-affirming support of hundreds of donors, we managed to raise $31,530 for the Massachusetts Coalition For The Homeless. Their dedication to the cause of homelessness and their expertise in making the most of each dollar will help ease the pain of many of our fellow citizens currently in the throes of, or on the verge of homelessness.


John and Scott spent the day in the rain, and a night in the cold, and had a short and reasonably uncomfortable sleep in their attempt to get a small taste of the homeless experience. The day itself was a heart-warming, wonderful event as friends and family came by to keep us company, and as new acquaintances came by to say hello, voice their support for the cause, and throw some money into the hat.

Thanks to everyone for the outstanding support, and thanks for the donors below of materials, time, and services to help make this a zero-expenditure event.

And most of all, though the 2021 event is over, please continue to keep those who are suffering in your minds, and keep lending a hand to those in need.

The 2021 fundraiser is over. The Donate links above will remain live in case anyone would like to read more on Facebook, or access the site.

Thanks again everyone. Signing off for 2021.

John & Scott


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Thank you to all of the individuals and companies who donated their time and materials to A Night In The Cold. You have made it possible for us to have a zero expenditure fundraiser and give 100% of the donations directly to Massachusetts Coalition For The Homeless.

Thank you for your generous support of this cause.

Ace Hardware

Brian Haskins at Advanced Auto and Marine in Marlborough

Colonial Plaza (Todd Alexander and his partners)

Community Advocate

Dick's Sporting Goods

Home Depot

Hudson Appliance

ICL Imaging in Framingham

J B Sawmill & Land Clearing

MetroWest Daily News

Spectrum One News

Westborough Town Manager's Office

Westborough Police, Fire, Health, Building, and Public Works Departments

WBZ 1030


Whitney Scott Designs

Wicked Local

 The mission of the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless is to prevent and eradicate homelessness from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Their comprehensive approach allows them to address the root causes of homelessness, to achieve positive community impact, and ensures that services are provided to those in immediate need to ensure that everyone has a place to call home.

Thank you to our donors. Your generosity has been overwhelming. It will really make a difference to many in need.

Hey friends! John Bogaert and Scott Henderson are hoping you can help us raise some $ for the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless.


To get your attention, we're going to sleep out overnight in the parking lot at 45 E. Main St. on a cold night in February.

Please think of us out there, and more to the point, please think about the thousands of people in MA sleeping outdoors or in crowded shelters on the regular, and toss in some $ for the cause by clicking one of the Donate buttons above.

We appreciate you! Thanks!

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